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Modern Day Rebels

Jul 20, 2020

Cody Dillabough is the CEO and founder of Avoy, a mobile app that helps travelers find destinations off the beaten path.

I was intrigued by Cody’s story as he initially planned on becoming a brain surgeon but ultimately pursued his other childhood interest which was, surprisingly, the financial markets. Cody worked on Wall Street for a number of years and is now on a much less conventional path traveling the world developing Avoy.

Cody’s story highlighted how making life changes or following your passions doesn’t always need a big leap of faith. In fact, after thoughtful analysis, sometimes staying in your current role is a bigger risk than trying something new.

To check out Avoy, download the app and use code "REBELS" to create your account and get inspired by new travel locations!

Podcast recommendation: The Globalist by Monocle

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